Brie Sheldon interviews DayTrippers author Tod Foley

Curious about DayTrippers? Check out the interview on Brie Sheldon's site. Brie asks game designer Tod Foley "Five Or So Questions" about the game's origins, intentions, playstyle and other interesting specifics for the interweb audience!
"A trad game with narrativist elements, the system is optimized for spurious improvisation and high bleed. That's where the surreal stuff comes from: it's a combination of GM ideas, the output of random generators, and the "Psychic Content" contributed by the Players themselves. In play, the game tends to elicit ideas that weren't even considered when the session began, and it incorporates these changes in unpredictable ways. The GM is not playing against you: instead, together you're creating a story that has bizarre twists in it, and weirdness flows freely as narrative control goes back and forth. For all these reasons, a DayTrippers adventure is capable of surprising not only the Players, but the GM as well."
Read the full interview here.