DayTrippers Core Rules - RPGKnights Review

Mark Knights of and has written a review of the DayTrippers Core Rules book, which can be found in his online store. After a little personal conversation in which I asked him for his opinions on the game's reputation for being "intellectual", he was kind enough to write his thoughts down and post them on his blog. Here's an excerpt:
This game has had criticism leveled at it for being too intellectual. I can see where the criticism comes from but I do not necessarily agree with it. The science in the game is described in the way most of the rules are, succinctly. That means you can suddenly feel like you have been hit with a physics text book, but in reality the science is secondary to the narrative.

This is a good point - like in all science fiction, the fictional science is really just a narrative conceit to explain the possibilities inherent in the setting. If you're onboard with the possibilities and don't require any scientific mumbo-jumbo to suspend disbelief, you really can skip a lot of that stuff. It's color, not mechanics. He continues on, summarizing...
What this game does have is a unique premise and a stylised humour that I liked in the first half. I certainly feel that this tone is what is expected to be continued into the game. A game which can offer complete mind blowing travel in stories that have never been thought of yet. And they are generated in combination of the GM and players which should guarantee a rich experience. It feels old school to me but the introduction of some of the rules and the narrative drive makes it a strange hybrid...

Mark understands that DayTrippers sits in a singular space - straddling the line between the "OSR" and "Narrative Genre Sims". He recognizes that that's a deliberate design decision, and he makes some points I must consider about voicing and presentation for different types of readers in future game designs. I'm looking forward to his thoughts after reading the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide.

You can read the entire review here.