Leap into the Golden Age - Leap Day 2016

Ladies and gentlemen - we have a target launchdate!

DayTrippers Golden Age Adventures hits online stores in PDF format on Feb 29th, with the print edition following soon thereafter.

The book includes 16 roleplaying adventures based on "Golden Age" stories by well-known science fiction writers of the 1930s-50s, with original artwork by Gennifer Bone, Allan Dotson, Chella Faithe, David Guyll & Melissa Fisher, Enmanuel Martinez, Danny Prescott, Eric Quigley, Philip Rice, James Shields and Brannon Wright, as well as color maps by Tod Foley and cover art by Robert Petillo.

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Patrons are receiving these adventures individually, as they are completed. You can help the project by joining us at patreon.com/asif!

DayTrippers Golden Age Adventures

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