RPGPundit reviews "Golden Age Adventures"

The RPGPundit has written a review of Golden Age Adventures, which is a massive collection of 16 SF classics in adventure module form, including the full text of all original stories. Authors whose works are here presented, in both original and adventure form, include Stanley G. Weinbaum, Poul Anderson, Jack Vance, H. Beam Piper and Philip K. Dick, among other luminaries of the golden age of science fiction. You can read his full review here, and find more info on the book here on this website. A couple pull-quotes from the article are included below.

The layout of the adventure parts is pretty great; lots of nice structure, color maps, flowcharts, etc. There's location details, encounter tables, monsters (derived from or in the style of creatures in the literature), and more.

Pundit is known for his strong opinions and doesn't hold back; he provides a very good high-level overview of the book. As he says, half of Golden Age Adventures is a set of 16 adventures. These adventures are based on 16 classic stories from the Golden Age of science-fiction, the pulp-style stories that appeared in magazines in the olden days and have been mostly ignored until very recently. The other half is the stories themselves.

If you like Daytrippers, then without question this is a great book to get. But let's say you don't give a crap about Daytrippers the RPG. In that case, this might still be a great book to get. That's because of the stories included here.

Golden Age Adventures is a system-agnostic adventure supplement. Like all DayTrippers material, it includes conversion tables for other popular RPG systems.

PS - the PDF is now available at Drivethru and RPGnow for $15.99 - that's only a dollar per world!

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