Core Rules Excerpt - Character Building

Cool - you’ve been invited to a DayTrippers game! Or perhaps you just enjoy creating characters using different game systems? That’s cool too!

Excerpted from the Core Rules, the attached PDF gives you enough information to create your DayTripper, and some guidance on how to develop your character throughout the course of play. Click the link below.

DayTrippers PC Sheet - Fillable PDF Format

Do you play DayTrippers online? Click the download link below to grab a copy of this PC Sheet in fillable PDF format - now with autocalculation!

(This PDF was created by Jef Wilkins, and we thank him very much for it!)

Zayim Diaspora - The First DayTripper

Excerpted from the DayTrippers Core Rules, I bring you the story of Zayim Diaspora: the first DayTripper.

DayTrippers Open Source Rules version 3.0 - Creative Commons Release

The DayTrippers Source Rules have been updated to version 3.0. In addition to the PDF, the source document is also available in text-only format to facilitate reuse and derivation. These Source Rules are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (Cc By 3.0)

This means you're free to do with it what you want, hacking it or adding to it, to create your own games. Like the commercial version of the...

Converting from Traveller

Are you a player of the classic SF RPG "Traveller"? Here are the rules for converting Traveller characters into DayTrippers characters.

DayTrippers Media Kit

Dear Roleplayers, GameMasters & Reviewers!
Welcome to the world of DayTrippers ‐ a surreal science fiction reality‐hopping RPG. In these pages you will find...

• About the Game: An Overview
• About The DayTrippers Core Rules Book
• About The DayTrippers GameMasters Guide
• Sample Content from both books
• DayTrippers Modules and Supplements
• DayTrippers Online Communities
• About As If Productions

PC Tracking Sheet

This form provides a matrix for the GM to track important character details, stats, Psychic Content and notes as play proceeds.

Player Notes

A one-page sheet of introductory material for GMs to hand out to DayTrippers Players, describing narrative stance and basic mechanics. Suitable for one-shots or newbies. Click the download link below.

Lifeform Sheet

Lifeform Sheet for DayTrippers. Click the download link below.

Planet Sheet

Planet Sheet for DayTrippers. Click the download link below.

Ship Sheet

Ship Sheet for DayTrippers. Click the download link below.

PC Sheet

Player Character Sheet for DayTrippers. Now available FREE at DriveThruRPG and RPGnow, or at the download link below.

Mission RunSheet

A RunSheet is a schematic diagram of a PlotField. Its purpose is to facilitate the freeform arrangement of Narrative Objects into a structure that's satisfying, while the emergent Story itself remains dynamic, unpredictable, and subject to the actions and decisions of the PCs. Now available FREE at DriveThruRPG and RPGnow, or at...