DayTrippers Hangout Session 1: "The Pilot and the Pastor"

This is PART 1 of the inaugural hangout session of DayTrippers. GM'd by Tod Foley, starring Abstract Machine as Pastor Cletus Purcell and Nikos Carcosa as Frank Frass. Note that Hangout technology is not 100% yet, and due to technical difficulties viewers are advised to consider "the end" to be around 2 hours 5 minutes, when Frank gets back to the ship. Part 2 does not exist in video form. It's a cliffhanger!

DayTrippers Play Session

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For those playing along at home, the planet and the mission were randomly determined using the Generators in the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide. The planet looked like this...

ATMOSPHERE: Dense Air (Nitrogen/Oxygen)
PRESSURE: 1.3 Earth atmospheres
WATER: Mostly landmass, some 30-40% standing water
CLIMATE: Temperate
BIOSPHERE: Sentient lifeforms (galactic hominids) I made up a HISTORY: The planet suffered a collision with an unknown cosmic body some 20,000 years ago which destroyed most indigenous lifeforms, leaving only small and scattered tribal societies in a harsh environment.

The X Industries Compound looked like this...

A Beach/Delta in dry condition, with sandy/powdery terrain.
Biodiversity is low and stable – two or three lifeforms.
The weather is currently high wind/pressure shift.
The predominant colors are shiny yellow-orange and fading/gradient blue.
Unusual Feature: Cave/Tunnel/Opening.
Nearby Object: dizzying bank.
This place is used for: Domiciles/Dwellings/Habitation.

...and the Shashara forest looked like this...

A Liquid Pool in struggling condition, with spongy terrain.
Biodiversity is high and volatile.
The weather is currently gentle flow or wind.
The predominant colors are blue and violet.
Unusual Feature: Mineral Deposit.
Nearby Object: flickering pool.
This place is used for: Domiciles/Dwellings/Habitation.

I put those rolls together with some of my favorite stories and movies: "The Potters of Firsk" by Jack Vance, "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, and the movie "Zardoz".

The monsters were not statted until the moment they entered play; because (in DayTrippers style) the TCV of the encounter depends on where we are in the narrative structure. However the illustrations of the monsters were assembled beforehand.

The ship was designed for the mission. Since I knew there was a good chance of vehicular combat occurring, I found a ship image that matched my idea and then statted it using the Ship Construction rules in the Core Rules book. The ship costs 103M, and looks like this:

Scimitar CE3 Recon Vessel
Construction Quality: Standard
Capacity 4
Tonnage: 6
Reinforced Hull +1
Slip Capacitor
Powersource: 300 mW (30 hrs)
Aerodynamic Design
Atmospheric Engine +2
Automated Probe
Automated Repair System
Exterior Spotlight
Grappler & Winch
Landing Gear
Longrange Scanner
Ships Computer Mk 2: Name “Sparky”
MG Firing Program +1
UpVector Radio
Cabins: 2
Cargo 2m cu
Medical Response Tank

The adventure was written (if that word can be used) within a 4-hour period, earlier in the day. Once I knew the NPCs and what their goals and capabilities were, I didn't plan any ending. That's how you write a DayTrippers adventure. :-)