Graduated Info Lists

Sometimes you want to sum up a long conversation with a single roll. Here's a simple house rule for dealing with interviews, interrogations or extended conversations in which there's a large amount of material of varying sensitivity that might be shared - or not - with the PCs.

Step 1: Make a List When you write the NPC info down, put it in order from least sensitive to most sensitive. Assign each item a DL as shown below:
2 = Someone killed all the animals last night
3 = Some footprints were found
4 = They were human footprints
5 = They matched my own shoes

Step 2: Players Roll Against It Now, when a PC comes and speaks to this character, you can ad lib some dialog to introduce the NPC, and then zoom into elapsed time to condense the conversation. Ask the Player to make a suitable die roll (either CHARM or Fast-Talk might be suitable here). The modified total of that roll will be used to determine which pieces of information the PC was able to get out of the NPC in that time. For example, if the PC's adjusted roll was a 4, they would learn everything with a DL of 4 or lower (in the list above, that would be the first three pieces of information, but not the fourth one).
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Note that just like any other DLs in DayTrippers, any item of information with a DL of 6 or higher cannot be obtained without special training (Skills), advantageous circumstances (Mods) or Help.