Legends of Tabletop AP 20 - "Contingency Plan"

Nash and Reggie agree to return to Drir as part of Bento's contingency plan: If they succeed in bringing back a Mimic - or even sample of Mimic tissue - then X Investments will agree to blacklist the planet, preventing anyone else from ever traveling here.

Legends of Tabletop AP 19 - "Home is Where your Head is"

Nash and Reggie return to Home-Earth, enjoy a bit of downtime, and catch up with the crew. Bento moves forward on legal proceedings with X Investments, in an attempt to blacklist the planet Drir from the Big Model of the metaverse.

Legends of Tabletop AP 18 - "The Misty Planet" (part 3)

What did X Investments know about this place? Nash and Reggie explore the surrounding forest, encounter some weirdly-familiar "Mimics", and wrap up loose ends in this final segment of "The Misty Planet."

Timeline of Ancient Civilizations

The attached timeline covers Time Period 9 in the DayTrippers GameMaster Guide. This is the time of Ancient Civilizations.

Click here to download.

One-Shot AP with the MFGcast

A star-sized monster headed toward Earth, intent on destroying all humans? What have these hippies been smoking? Enjoy this headfucking one-shot game of DayTrippers on the MFGcast podcast, starring Kurt Aumueller as Georg, and John Haremza (Legends of Tabletop) as Caleb.

Online SlipShip Construction Form

Time to create some SlipShips!

These dynamic tables follow the same rules presented in the DayTrippers Core Rules book. Building your own multiversal exploration vessel has never been easier!

Legends of Tabletop AP 17 - "The Misty Planet" (part 2)

Things get weirder on Drir as Nash and Reggie try to piece together what Dr. Mentaka was doing on the misty planet... and what happened to his crew.

Legends of Tabletop AP 16 - "The Misty Planet" (part 1)

Nash and Reggie are hired by X Investments to investigate the disappearance of a scientific expedition to Drir, a mysterious uncharted planet wrapped in layers of poisonous and corrosive mists.

Legends of Tabletop AP 15 - "The Unbearable Lightness of Xenobiology"


Scilla Sardacian convinces DarkMatter to send Nash and Reggie to the planet Caladena, where she hopes to shoot an episode of her stalkshow "Follow My Ass." The mission gets off to a bumpy start right away, when they discover that the Caladena project is backed by X Investments, and this puts them face-to-face with their old rival, Red Hanfast.

Legends of Tabletop AP 14 - "Home Again, Home Again"


Back on Home-Earth after three weeks on Inra, Nash and Reggie deal with the repercussions of the adventure, including a non-plussed boss (Bento Hajir), a spoiled client (Scilla Sardacian), and a wildcard pilot who's hired to help them retrieve their ship The Marduk. (Gameplay starts at 4:09)

Legends of Tabletop AP 13 - "A Fistful of Orchids (part 4)"


Stranded on Inra after having all their ship's power siphoned off by Mark Forepaugh, Nash, Reggie, Duke and Tom wait for their rescue team to arrive. Nash and Reggie take off to scout the island, and explore the mysterious skytube atop the Mountains of Perdition.

Legends of Tabletop AP 12 - "A Fistful of Orchids (part 3)"


After making a trade with an indigenous Oufa tribe, Nash, Reggie and the Loose Guns head southward through the hostile jungles of Inra, hoping to make it back within ten days. They have left young Annelle in the Oufa den, where she plans to make a study of the native language and culture, and they promise to return for her as soon as possible.