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DayTrippers GameMasters Guide

Serial Sessions in DayTrippers

The DayTrippers RPG is designed for episodic, surreal science fiction play. The GM's job over the course of a session involves tracking time and modulating tension in order to produce "short stories" or "TV episodes" with their own internally-satisfying narrative arcs: beginnings, middles, and ends. And usually this is exactly what you get: a free-wheeling "monster of the week" campaign (except it's more like "alien planet or otherworldly dimension of the week"), consisting of fairly self-contained adventure episodes.

But not always.

Legends of Tabletop AP 8 - "There's No Going Back"

Nash and Reggie are given yet another set of identities as they meet their new teammates at DarkMatter Inc. Unfortunately Bento has decided not to help any further, and our heroes have to take things into their own hands under cover of night.

Zayim Diaspora - The First DayTripper

Excerpted from the DayTrippers Core Rules, I bring you the story of Zayim Diaspora: the first DayTripper.

Legends of Tabletop AP 7 - "Press Junket"

While Chip undergoes detox at Diaspora Ranch, Nash and Reggie (under their new identities) meet with the guys from DarkMatter Inc to discuss their situation, and a plan is put together to get inside Somnambula Inc's headquarters, where they suspect Suzie is being held captive.

Golden Age Adventures


Legends of Tabletop AP 6 - "Detox at Reggie's"

Back on Home Earth, our heroes must deal with Chip's addiction to Zoomzoom. Unfortunately, his repeated doses of this hyperamphetamine are the only thing keeping him from slipping into Subjective Dissonance Syndrome. Something's gotta give. (PS - NSFW, kids!)

Legends of Tabletop AP 5 - "The Rat Pack"

While exploring the red planet of Arret to rescue fellow DayTripper Joan Marlowe, Chip is seized by Ratmen and dragged before their king. Now Nash and Reggie are tasked with a double rescue, and facing off against two hundred snarling, squabbling Ratmen in The Cave of Blue Flames.

Golden Age One-Shots

One by one, the adventures from GOLDEN AGE ADVENTURES are being republished as individual one-shot modules for the low price of $1.99 each! These roleplaying adventures are based on "Golden Age" stories by well-known science fiction writers of the 1930s-50s. Each adventure comes with three scenarios, allowing them to be easily dropped in to any science fiction roleplaying campaign. As with all DayTrippers products, conversion tables are provided for use with other game systems, including d20 and "Powered by the Apocalypse" systems.

Legends of Tabletop AP 3 - "A Friend in Need"


On September 17th 2017, We hooked up with the Legends of Tabletop crew again for session 3 of our DayTrippers campaign. Fitch is sent off to babysit Suzie (who is not in a good way), while Nash calls up the only people in the world who he thinks will believe him: Chip (our actor friend from Episode 1), and a new character "Reggie Carlisle" (a ex-special forces soldier and Nappi addict, played by John Neary). First matter of business: Ditch the SUV and get rid of the body in the back seat. Here's the video...

Smiorgan reviews DayTrippers Core

Over at the Department V blog, Smiorgan has written a review of the DayTrippers Core Rules. One thing that's particularly interesting about this review is the "back-to-front" technique, in which you read the book backwards, starting with character sheets and missions, eventually working your way to the front material, such as chargen and setting conceits.