Legends of Tabletop AP 5 - "The Rat Pack"

While exploring the red planet of Arret to rescue fellow DayTripper Joan Marlowe, Chip is seized by Ratmen and dragged before their king. Now Nash and Reggie are tasked with a double rescue, and facing off against two hundred snarling, squabbling Ratmen in The Cave of Blue Flames.

Golden Age One-Shots

One by one, the adventures from GOLDEN AGE ADVENTURES are being republished as individual one-shot modules for the low price of $1.99 each! These roleplaying adventures are based on "Golden Age" stories by well-known science fiction writers of the 1930s-50s. Each adventure comes with three scenarios, allowing them to be easily dropped in to any science fiction roleplaying campaign. As with all DayTrippers products, conversion tables are provided for use with other game systems, including d20 and "Powered by the Apocalypse" systems.

Legends of Tabletop AP 4 - "Into the Red"

Nash, Chip and Reggie are struggling to make sense of the broadening dreamdeck conspiracy when Reggie is reactivated into special duty, and the three of them must travel to the Red Planet Arret to rescue a fellow DayTripper...

Legends of Tabletop AP 3 - "A Friend in Need"

On September 17th 2017, We hooked up with the Legends of Tabletop crew again for session 3 of our DayTrippers campaign. Fitch is sent off to babysit Suzie (who is not in a good way), while Nash calls up the only people in the world who he thinks will believe him: Chip (our actor friend from Episode 1), and a new character "Reggie Carlisle" (a ex-special forces soldier and Nappi addict, played by John Neary). First matter of business: Ditch the SUV and get rid of the body in the back seat. Here's the video...

Smiorgan reviews DayTrippers Core

Over at the Department V blog, Smiorgan has written a review of the DayTrippers Core Rules. One thing that's particularly interesting about this review is the "back-to-front" technique, in which you read the book backwards, starting with character sheets and missions, eventually working your way to the front material, such as chargen and setting conceits.

DayTrippers Open Source Rules version 3.0 - Creative Commons Release

Announcing Version 3.0 of the Creative Commons-licensed DayTrippers Source Rules! This version of the DayTrippers rules was assembled publicly and made available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (Cc By 3.0). This means you're free to do with it what you want, hacking it or adding to it, to create your own games!

Legends of Tabletop AP 2 - "The DreamDeck Conspiracy"

On July 2nd 2017, Tod Foley and the Legends of Tabletop crew hooked up again for session 2 of our DayTrippers campaign. Follow along as Nash and Fitch are drawn into a conspiracy involving Dream Worlds and Dream Recordings, things get psychological and the owls are not what they seem. Here's the video...

RPGPundit reviews "Golden Age Adventures"

The RPGPundit has written a review of Golden Age Adventures, which is a massive collection of 16 SF classics in adventure module form, including the full text of all original stories. Authors whose works are here presented, in both original and adventure form, include Stanley G. Weinbaum, Poul Anderson, Jack Vance, H. Beam Piper and Philip K. Dick, among other luminaries of the golden age of science fiction.

DayTrippers is a Best Seller at Drivethru!

Today I realized that the DayTrippers Core Rules had become a SILVER BEST SELLER at DrivethruRPG.com, and the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide is a COPPER BEST SELLER there. I didn't even know!
#DayTrippers #BestSeller #KeepYourEyesOnIt

DayTrippers Core Rules

Legends of Tabletop AP 1 - "Dream Job"


On March 12th 2017, Tod Foley ran a game of DayTrippers for the Legends of Tabletop crew. In this 3+ hour game, characters played by John Haremza, Vincent LaRosa and Jesse Pyne entered one of our strangest scenarios yet: an unstable Dream World that reaches into your head and toys with your emotions. Talking book people, sexy flowers, and a giant baby were found. Much freaking out and a little bit of involuntary urination was involved. Here's the video...

Review of DayTrippers by Jaye Foster

Jaye Foster of 6d6 fame has written a well-thought-out and detailed review of DayTrippers - both the Core Rules book and the GameMasters Guide. Jaye is no newcomer to game design himself, and his breakdown of the game's mechanical and thematic elements is pretty spot-on. If you're curious about running a game of DayTrippers, this is a good review to give you a handle on how it all fits together.

The New DayTrippers Patreon

Help Support DayTrippers!

As you may know, I don't do Kickstarters (because it feels like holding my work for ransom), but that doesn't mean I don't need your help. Crowdfunding via Patreon allows everyone to get involved in producing more of what we love. So now you can help immanentize the incursion of tomorrow's hoary multiverse into our own bubble reality by contributing directly to the development of the DayTrippers line.

Black Hole Run

The PCs travel to the survey station Perdurabo: a mobile space laboratory in orbit around a stellar black hole. Their mission is to perform a series of temporal resistance experiments just outside the Event Horizon – a dangerously near approach that has never been attempted.

BLACK HOLE RUN is a DayTrippers adventure module for 2-6 players. Rich in SF tropes and interstellar curiosities, this future science adventure will test your players' tactical and problem-solving skills in a dangerous and chaotic environment.

Mark Knights reviews "Golden Age Adventures"

Mark Knights of Games-Onboard.com has reviewed DayTrippers Golden Age Adventures (which is now available in PDF format at the aforementioned Games-Onboard.com).

I can’t recommend this book any more highly. if you run DayTrippers, brilliant! If you do not but you do run a sci-fi exploration game – get it. Get it now.

Traditional Gaming and Emergent Narrative: A Review of "Golden Age Adventures"

The mysterious Abstract Machine has written a thought-provoking review of Golden Age Adventures. It's actually more of an expository essay on the nature of shared emergent narrative under different playstyles, and how this may be approached in DayTrippers. Storygame or Trad? Or right up the middle? Season to your own tastes!

"These are tools that enable you to run the game however you like. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise."

Why DayTrippers Has No Setting

You may have noticed that DayTrippers has no Setting and no Timeline, only a handful of important companies and a list of optional Tech Advances for the GM to choose from. Admittedly, this is an unusual approach to the exposition of a campaign world.

It is typical for Players to expect something like "The History and Atlas of the Home World", but I refuse to write such a thing. I paint DT's Home-Earth only ironically, and with the slightest touch of the brush. Why? Several reasons...