DayTrippers Media Kit

Dear Roleplayers, GameMasters & Reviewers!
Welcome to the world of DayTrippers ‐ a surreal science fiction reality‐hopping RPG. In these pages you will find...

• About the Game: An Overview
• About The DayTrippers Core Rules Book
• About The DayTrippers GameMasters Guide
• Sample Content from both books
• DayTrippers Modules and Supplements
• DayTrippers Online Communities
• About As If Productions
• Contact/Query Information

Mini-Review & Dream Characters

Over at A Kingdom Is..., Abstract Machine has written a short non-review of DayTrippers, and created three highly atypical characters for your perusal. This is a great test of the flexibility of the DayTrippers Character Building rules, and I have to say, I'd run any of these characters! It's possible to imagine a DayTrippers session (or a whole campaign!) for each of them...

Online Mission Generation System

While working on the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide, I put together an online version of the mission generation system to test the generators in combination. Now I'm sharing it with you. This script (click link below) generates a random Mission, and if required by that Mission, it also generates a random Star, a Planet, a Location and a Lifeform. Infinite worlds await your exploration!

Click Here

GameMasters Guide - Unboxing & Overview

It's Here! The print proof of the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide has finally arrived. I'm pleased to announce that it's free of errors, and has been cleared for sale! In this video I unbox the GMG, and describe some of what you can expect to find within its 120 pages.

GameMasters Guide Now in Print!

Have you been waiting? I sure have, and the day is here! The DayTrippers GameMasters Guide is now available in print! At DriveThruRPG Or RPGnow Psychic Content. Oracular Prep. Narrative Resolution. Vertical Control. High Bleed. You've played like this before, but you've never seen rules for it.

DayTrippers reviewed at Technical Grimoire

David Schirduan, author of Mythic Mortals, has written a review of DayTrippers: "An Absurd, Surreal Game". Here is a brief excerpt:

Core Rules Now In Print

The day has come... Here's the unboxing and reveal of the first print edition of the DayTrippers Core Rules book! Now available at DriveThruRPG and RPGnow

New Content for the DTGMG

Here are some of the new things in the upcoming POD release of the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide:

DayTrippers Core Rules

Inspired by the surrealistic science fiction of Moebius, Moorcock, Rucker, Weinbaum, Heinlein, Vance, and other masters of weirdness, the DayTrippers system can be used for either "GM-Lite" collaborative play or heavily-prepped campaigns.