Coming in 2016: Golden Age Adventures

COMING IN 2016...
DayTrippers Golden Age Adventures is an anthology of 16 DayTrippers adventure modules, each based on a science fiction story by a well-known author from the Golden of SF (~1930-1950). You'll be able to step inside stories by Poul Anderson, Peter Bailey, Philip K. Dick, Paul Ernst, Harry Harrison, Henry Kuttner, Alan E. Nourse, H. Beam Piper, Robert Sheckley, Edwin K. Sloat, R. F. Starzl, Jack Vance, Floyd L. Wallace, Stanley G. Weinbaum, Manly Wade Wellman and Hal K. Wells. With PlotFields developed by Tod Foley, interior illustrations by artists including Allan Dotson, Danny Prescott, Philip Rice and James Shields, and cover art by Robert Petillo, this 315-page volume will also include the full text of all sixteen original classic stories.

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