DayTrippers Core Rules Reviewed by RPGPundit

The RPG Pundit has written part 1 of his review of DayTrippers. His first review covers the 44-page DayTrippers Core Rules book (which is the "BRP" of the system).

In general he does a good job of identifying the game's basic mechanics, which is helpful for the curious. As for his critical judgments, here are my take-aways...

• he didn't like the intro fiction, but he's glad it's in mockumentary format
• all my NPCs have funny names (guilty as charged)
• the church of OMG is ridiculous (yes it is!)
• chargen is point-buy (he doesn't like that), with a short-form option he likes only slightly better (this is making me consider publishing an alternate chargen system)
• the goal of "telling amazing stories" is hogwash, muddled by story-game thinking (the game is basically a genre-sim, which we know Pundit is not a big fan of)
• the mechanics use a dicepool (which he doesn't like) but at least it's not the worst kind
• "yes/no, and/but" action resolution: some people love it but he finds it irritating
• poisons are a little on the weak side (might be true, but then again they're just examples)
• ships and vehicle combat are more rules-heavy than most other subsystems (that's true)
• survival suits and armor damage rules: he likes that (that's one of the crunchier parts)
• he thinks PCs will gain more XP than the rules suggest (definitely possible, depends on a lot of things)
• he suspects XP will be gained too quickly (my players wish it was faster, so I think it's probably about right)
• the optional "collaborative mission" rules push the game all the way into story-gaming (yeah, that's pretty much what they are intended to do)

I think I got all the important points. This stuff goes into the feedback file for edition 2. Coming soon, the Pundit will also be reviewing the DayTrippers GameMasters Guide. That's the kit with all the heavy-duty powertools and auteur technics of the DayTrippers system. I expect he's either gonna really dig it, or really hate it. :-)

You can read the review here.

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