DayTrippers Hangout Session 2: "Let's Be Frank"


Hope you enjoy Episode 2 of our DayTrippers Hangout Sessions...
"Let's Be Frank"
GM'd by Tod Foley, Starring Nikos Carcosa as Frank Frass.

DayTrippers Hangout Session 2 - "Let's Be Frank"

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GM'd by Tod Foley, Starring Nikos Carcosa as Frank Frass.." data-share-imageurl="">

1. MICROHOTEL (2:00)
It's Tuesday. Frank rents himself a coffin in a microhotel, bringing along his collection of old movies.

2. DR MARTEZ' OFFICE (13:40)
Frank and Dr Martez watch Frank's recurring childhood nightmare, the one with an ominous black sedan approaching him down an alleyway beside his apartment building, but the dream tape changes. Twice. The second time, he himself gets out of the car, firing a gun at himself. He doesn't tell Dr Martez about this; she's already shaken. Frank receives a job offer from Blanche: taking over the regular weekly slip to Kabaka Maru.

A woman on the street named Valeria Sims recognizes him, he doesn't recognize her, and she slaps his face. Says they dated for three months. Frank has no idea who she is.

4. X INDUSTRIES (50:10)
The weekly job for X.I. begins this Friday, the pay is 1M per week. Negotiations are ongoing with the Kabaka people, they want housing and vehicles, meanwhile the Shashara want guns (they saw Frank kill a Banki with one).

Frank relaxes and watches old 20th-century movies, trying to enjoy his time off.

6. KABAKA MARU RUN (55:40)
It's Friday. Meet the new ship (no frills X1 model), the computer is "Buck". Cargo includes farming equipment and plastic bins. There is talk of uniting the two eastern cave systems with prefab housing units. Frank visits the Flying Head, now under examination by X Investments, and hears some scientific theories about the origins of the Flying Heads, of which this is a small one. Malachi tells of Trypto's trial. They watch _Apocalypse Now_.

7. MILES HIGH BAR (1:07:00)
Saturday. Donnel wants to hang out. Says "You're welcome" - for this being the second job he's got for Frank. The first being the one last year, for the "Dream Doctor Guy". This is a job Frank doesn't recall. It was for Somnambula Industries. Donnel says the doctor's idea was to use Dream Recorders as navigational guides to pocket universes in SlipSpace, and tells the story of the forgotten slip: it was to Frank's childhood nightmare.

Frank rents a DreamDeck for three nights. Over the next few days he notices that his keloid is fading and softening; there is a barely-perceptible "S"-shaped sign beneath it. He goes to an AutoMed for a diagnosis; it is surgical circuitry, designed to dissolve harmlessly in the body. He begins to realize that what few memories he retains of his life are all impossible. They seem like dreams, but they *feel* like memories. He has the nightmare again, but this time his dream double assaults him, shouting "PUT US BACK!" Looking back over the Somnambula contract, Frank notices they took samples of his DNA.

9. BACK TO THE BAR (1:36:20)
Tuesday. Somnambula didn't take Donnel's DNA. Donnel suggests that someone at Tracy Island might be able to give them some information on the slip. They both work their contacts until Donnel turns someone up. It's a deck foreman named Jacko Constance.

10. JACKO'S APARTMENT (1:49:10)
Jacko's complex is mildly reminiscent of Frank's childhood apartment complex. Jacko takes the money and hands over the coordinates. He then relates the story of the slip from his point of view: Doctor Cordoba was very secretive, very strange, and Jacko knew this information would be valuable to someone. It was a one-time job for Somnambula Inc., and the coordinates were never submitted to The Big Model. Frank and Donnel decide to slip out to the node.



11. THE SLIP OUT (2:02:00)
Frank and Donnel take Buck out to the Dream World. After checking out the playground and looking around, they head for the apartment Frank lived in as a kid.

They find it. When Frank knocks on the door, the wall falls away and the car attempts to run them down. A second Frank steps out of the car and begins firing a gun at them. Both Frank and Donnel are hit. Frank 2 drags Frank 1 upstairs and throws him into his childhood bed. Frank 1 realizes that he is, indeed, a kid, dressed in his pajamas. And he realizes that HE IS the Dream Frank. He tries to explain himself; Frank 2 realizes that Frank 1 doesn't know anything. Donnel's voice is fading into the distance. Frank 2 explains that he has been trapped here for over a year, trying in vain to communicate with Frank 1 through his dreams. Frank 1 begins to feel like everything he's seen in the last year has been a dream.

13. THE ALLEY (2:23:00)
They all go back to confront the car, which shortly appears, coming toward them. Frank 1 fires into the car and hits the driver in the throat. The door opens and Dr Yngwe Cordoba steps out, he's bleeding to death. Frank 1 takes off his survival suit and pulls it onto Cordoba, demanding an explanation, but Cordoba has drifted off, his eyes glazed over. Frank 2 and Donnel have both gotten into the car. They close the doors, and disappear in a bright flash of blue light. The dead man turns into a big purple beanbag, making young Frank very happy.

14. THE BLUE ROOM (2:30:10)
Frank wakes up in the blue room and climbs out of his pod-bed, naked. His scars and debilities have returned. He remembers who Valerie Sims was; they almost got married. He examines the bodies in several of the beds: they are all Frank Frass. And frosted into the glass of a nearby door is the "S"-shaped logo of Somnambula Inc.

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