DayTrippers Hangout Session 3: "Echoes"


"ECHOES" - the third session of the DayTrippers Hangout Campaign, GM'd by Tod Foley. Starring Nikos Carcosa as Frank Frass and Abstract Machine as Pastor Cletus Purcell.

DayTrippers Hangout Session 3 - "Echoes"

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0. CATCHUP (1:00)
We catch up on backstory between Cletus and Frank, especially Cletus' views on Frank, and what Cletus has been doing since the slip.

1. A BAR IN OAKLAND (6:40)
Tuesday night. Helmut Ziko is calling his show "God Wars". He and Cletus discuss their visions for the documentaries they're making about Kabaka Maru. Cletus sees Frank as a messianic figure, and the Big Heads as a religious trial for humankind. Helmut invites him to share his production facilities. Speaking of messianic figures, Trypto has his own blipshow, it's called "The New Messiah" - he claims to have learned cosmic secrets from the Flying Head of Kabaka Maru.

Cletus is mugged on his way back from a local convenience store. The muggers take his Kentucky Church of Christ medallion. He takes this as an auspicious sign: maybe he needs to create a new church. By Wednesday, Cletus and Helmut finish their treatments and are ready to contact Frank, so they call Blanche. They learn Frank has taken over Trypto's job. Cletus gets Frank's number and calls it.

3. THE BLUE ROOM (25:40)
Frank's phone rings; he locates it in a nearby cabinet, where he also finds his clothes. He sends the message to voicemail without looking at it. Dressing, he looks for a way out. There are people in this building and he suspects that he's not supposed to be out of the tank, so he heads out through the manufacturing area and slips out of the Somnambula building. As he does so, an alarm is sounded.

Frank gets on the railbus. He listens to Cletus' message, and texts back that he's not ready for any closeups, he's not a messiah. Back at the microhotel, he finds his unit has been broken into, his possessions have been rifled, the DreamDeck is gone. He calls Donnel but cannot find any trace of him.

While eating his lunch at David Foster Wallace Park, catching up on his alter-ego's doings over the last year, Frank notices he's being watched by two men in a black hover van. They seem to be from Somnambula Inc. He calls 911 to report them for staring, and the cops send out a patrol. The men exit the van and approach him. He runs, and they pursue on hoverboards.

6. HELMUT'S STUDIO (46:20)
Helmut finds that there's only one microhotel in Sacramento. Cletus wants to go get Frank. They hop into Helmut's car.

Frank eludes his pursuers and hops into a taxi, heading for Diaspora Ranch.

Cletus and Helmut reach the microhotel. The police are there, taking a report from the owner. Helmut films the scene. Cletus talks with the police and they determine a possible connection to the 911 call from Frank. Cletus calls Blanche and tells her Frank is in trouble. She makes some calls and determines that he's at Diaspora Ranch.

Franks checks the Big Board to look for possible jobs; he wants to slip out of here. He realizes that Buck - the X1 slipship he took into his dream with Donnel - is not sitting in Bay 2 where it should be. What happened to Donnel?

Cletus and Helmut arrive at the ranch. Cletus calls Blanche and asks her to find them a job. She has a new assignment to crew a slip to the "killer planet" Caladena, but it doesn't seem like a job for Cletus.

Frank checks the registry to see if anyone checked out Buck since his slip with Donnel. No one has. Cletus finds Frank and asks him to explain what's going on. Frank tells him about Donnel, and about Somnambula Inc. It has been just under 24 hours since Frank's last slip. He calls Blanche and reports the missing ship. She tells him that two agents from Somnambula were there looking for him. She arranges for another X1 ship and tells him to find a second pilot. Checking out the Big Board they run into Chuck Danno, an eager slipship pilot who seems to be a Zoomzoom addict. While Chuck scores via drone (secretly filmed by Helmut), Frank preps the new ship, "Steve-O".

12. THE SLIP OUT (1:14:20)
Everyone boards the Steve-O, Helmut filming. They're in the street outside young Frank's apartment complex. The X1 "Buck" is sitting nearby. Examining the interior, they find blood all over the place. A trail of blood leads away through the playground. From a distance they can see that the entire front of young Frank's apartment is in flames. Frank lucid-dreams himself a fireman's environmental protection suit. They look in the direction of young Frank's apartment.

Screams of pain emit from inside, it's Donnel. Frank walks through the flames and into the building, Helmut is filming everything. Cletus has difficulty walking through the flames, which remind him of the fires of hell.

Donnel is tied to the bed, being tortured by the child Frank. Frank fires at his young self, blowing the child's body into the wall. The child draws an identical weapon and returns fire, hitting his older self in the arm.

The black sedan has arrived. Two Franks emerge from it. Cletus and Helmut run through the fire and into the apartment.

16. BEDROOM (1:26:40)
Young Frank leaps out the window while Frank frees Donnel from the bed. Cletus and Helmut enter the room. In his pain and shock, Donnel "I'm sorry Frank, I shouldn't have set you up." Frank tells him "We'll talk later." Frank tells Cletus and Helmut to get Donnel into a Survival Suit. The voice of Frank calls in from outside, tauntingly. Frank tries to control the dream but cannot. Looking out the window he sees the scariest thing in the world: it's the faceless man, and he's growing larger and larger. Now the height of a second-story window, Faceless says "Come out and get what you deserve, Frank. We have a mission here, and you're standing in the way."

Cletus jumps out the window and lands quite by accident in the palm of the giant man's hand. Faceless reaches into the building and grabs Frank; he is now holding both men in his big hands. Around his feet are the two other Franks and the child Frank, all armed. Frank shoots Faceless, who drops him to the ground. Cletus begins shouting scripture, attempting to exorcize the evil kid from Frank's mind. Chuck watches everything from inside the Steve-O. Two more Franks are arriving. That makes four fake Franks and one young Frank, plus the real Frank. Real Frank lucid-dreams himself fifty feet tall, equal to Faceless in height. Cletus is losing it, his mind is unable to process this, he begins ranting a manical soup of scriptural nonsense. Giant Frank swings at Faceless again and again, severing his left arm. Faceless begins shrinking. The two giants are dangerously close to stepping on the Steve-O.

18. ONBOARD THE STEVE-O (1:45:50)
Chuck is hitting his Zoomzoom inhaler. Cletus takes a hit from it, ordering Chuck to fire the grappling hook into the building.

Franks pulls out his rifle and fires at the faceless man, hitting him in the head. Faceless goes down - on top of the X1 Buck, which is crushed.

20. THE SLIP HOME (1:51:40)
Cletus tries to call forth Quetzocoatl, but fails, appearing as nothing more than a raving madman. Frank realizes Cletus is a state of SDS. He lucid-dreams his enemies bursting into flames, and they do. Franks grabs Cletus and gets onboard, programming the slip home.

21. DIASPORA RANCH (1:55:10)
Frank takes Donnel to the medbay. Cletus and Helmut get some footage from Chuck, talking about how awesome Frank was. Before leaving, Chuck lets Cletus know he can hook him up any time.

# # #