Converting from Traveller

Although both systems are d6-based and involve traveling to distant planets in high-tech ships, the mechanical differences between Traveller and DayTrippers are rather significant. Because DT uses a sliding number of d6s to determine the based number rolled for action resolutions, the odds of success are substantially different between the two games. This required some adjusting :-)

Converting Stats

Below we will use the concept of "Mods". Your Mods are based on your Traveller Characteristics, as follows:
Traveller Characteristic Mod
The list below shows the DayTrippers Stats, along with the formulae used to derive them from Traveller Characteristic Mods (not from the Characteristic itself, but from the Mod). Note that in each case we add 1 to the Mod (or to the total Mods), thus your DayTrippers PC has a minimum of 1 in all Stats:
DayTrippers StatTraveller Formula
BRAINSINT Mod + 1 (min 1)
CHARMEDU Mod + SOC Mod + 1 (min 1)
GRACEDEX Mod + 1 (min 1)
HEALTHEND Mod + 1 (min 1)
MIGHTSTR Mod + 1 (min 1)
PSYCHEEND Mod + INT Mod + 1 (min 1)

Example: My Traveller Character:

STR 8 (+0)
DEX 10 (+1)
END 12 (+2)
INT 6 (+0)
EDU 9 (+1)
SOC 4 (-1)

In DayTrippers terms:


Converting Skills

Starting Traveller characters have a lot more Skills than starting DayTrippers characters do, in fact on paper they often appear (in DayTrippers terms) to have been through several missions and spent all their experience points on Skills. This is fine, but we will be ignoring Skills that have a +0 Mod. All Skills with a +1 Mod or greater should simply be translated to their DayTrippers equivalents. Sometimes we have to make a judgment call on which Stat to use for a base.

For example, my Traveller character's skills:

Computer 0, Carouse 0, Engineer 0, Drive 0, Recon 0, Heavy Weapons 0, Gun combat (Energy Rifles) 1, Deception 0, Streetwise 1, Stealth 0, Melee (Blade) 1, Battle Dress 3, Leadership 2, Athletics (co-ordination) 1, Advocate 1, Admin 1, Survival 1, Tactics (Any) 1, Vacc-suit 0, Zero-G 1

In DayTrippers terms:

BRAINS:   Tactics+1
CHARM:   Admin+1   Advocate+1   Leadership+2   Streetwise+1
GRACE:   Athletics+1   Battle Dress+3   Fighting:Hand+1   Firearms:Long+1   ZeroG+1
HEALTH:   Survival+1

Converting Extras

What Traveller calls "Extras" are handled in DayTrippers as Gear and LifeShapers. It's usually pretty easy to tell the difference. We assume that any weapons or armor gained via Extras are +1 in value.

For example, my Traveller character's Extras:

2 Contacts, 1 Enemy, 1 Weapon, 1 Armour

In DayTrippers terms:


__________(R) contact
__________(R) contact
__________(R) enemy

When you total this all up, you'll find that Traveller Characters start out considerably higher than beginning DayTrippers Characters. The one above has a total TCV of 245.

Converting Actions

This section is for the GM who wants to use Traveller modules or support material with DayTrippers characters. It is important to assign the correct Difficulty Level when setting an action before the Players. Because the odds stack up differently, the mapping between the two difficulty scales is not completely intuitive...

Traveller DifficultyDayTrippers Difficulty
Simple (+4)No-Brainer (DL1)
Routine (+2)Easy (DL2)
Average ()Challenging (DL3)
Difficult (-2)Hard (DL5)
Very Difficult (-4)Very Hard (DL6)
Formidable (-6)Unlikely (DL7)
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