Serial Sessions in DayTrippers

The DayTrippers RPG is designed for episodic, surreal science fiction play. The GM's job over the course of a session involves tracking time and modulating tension in order to produce "short stories" or "TV episodes" with their own internally-satisfying narrative arcs: beginnings, middles, and ends. And usually this is exactly what you get: a free-wheeling "monster of the week" campaign (except it's more like "alien planet or otherworldly dimension of the week"), consisting of fairly self-contained adventure episodes.

But not always.

Players who focus more on "serial" play than "episodic" play may sometimes pursue plotlines on Home Earth which drastically limit the opportunities for free-wheeling gonzo worldbuilding. This is a signal that you need to switch gears and run a different sort of campaign for a while. Don't freak out: this is actually a great opportunity.

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