The World of DayTrippers

The time is shortly after the year 2100, the location is the first world. Massive megacorporations dominate the economic landscape and incredible advances in technology make the most miraculous things possible, from genetic modification to medical nanotechnology and microfusion power generators. But the most earth-shaking development of the 21st century is one we’re just beginning to see the ramifications of: As the 22nd century enters its second decade, the inner and outer realities of SlipSpace are opening up to human exploration.

The Slip Capacitor, based on the groundbreaking work of Zayim Diaspora, is an amazing device that allows travel to other dimensions in vehicles known as Slipships.

The bold explorers who pilot these vehicles face a multiverse of physical and psychological dangers to bring back priceless knowledge and powerful artifacts from far-flung dimensions and other realities.

They’re called DayTrippers, and you’re one of them.


Below are some of the largest organizations and most well-known SlipSpace transport companies in the world today. Newly-minted DayTrippers may be contracted on long- or short-terms by these organizations, and most veterans have done the same at some point in the not-too-distant past.


AIT/West in Long Beach, California, is the university of choice for students of Slip Dynamics and IntraSpace Technology, with state-of-the-art labs, trillion-dollar test facilities and a bevy of world-reknowned theorists. The main campus tower – a black stepped pyramid known as “The Ziggurat” – dominates the Long Beach skyline.


An upstart company in the interdimensional transport business, Bodinga Bay’s fleet features three small, fast interdimensional vessels called “SlipRippers” with a horizontally-oriented design and excellent atmospheric maneuverabilty.


In 2085, the world's major organized religions united in founding the multidenominational Church of OMG ("One Miraculous God"). Thanks to new "user-friendly" integrative belief systems and pleasant interfaces, religion is not only more popular than ever in the west, it has become a growing service industry for the stressed and depressed person-on-thego. OMGees (as they are called) use PSAs ("Personal Spiritual Assistants") for spiritual consulting and chemical maintenance. PSA kiosks can be found in convenient locations throughout any major metropolis near you.


Founded in 2098 by Slip Dynamics theorist Dez Tanner and her lifepartner cyberathelete Ani Lu, the DezLu DayTripping Corporation handles the majority of trade runs between Home-Earth and Keefe II, from which the majority of the world’s color-shifting plastics come today. The company is rumored to be expanding their fleet this year.


Founded by Zayim Diaspora, inventor of the Temporal Resistance Amplification Field Generator (progenitor of today’s Slip Capacitors), Diaspora Labs is an applied technology company with all ten fingers in the pie of intraspace. Diaspora Ranch is a dozen cabins and barnlike buildings on a 20-acre ranch outside of Sacramento, California. In the rough center is the converted industrial farming facility called “Tracy Island” from which most DayTrips are launched. This facility never closes. Amenities at Tracy Island include dorms and a commissary for DayTrippers, as well as a world-famous emergency landing pad called “Bay X”. Regular upgrades, revolutionary engineering, round-theclock pit crews and safety drills make Tracy Island the safest place in the world to slip from, or to.


The principal provider of cheap manufactured commercial goods for the entire world, GNP owns thousands of semiautonomous megastore chains and online retailers, vast drone-based delivery stockhouses and secured shopping districts of all types. Practically everyone buys practically everything from GNP. Their fastest-growing division is In-Out ("The Interactive Outlet"), a biophone-based interactive “best friend” and shopping app with one-day drone-based delivery. Their advertising slogan is "You Need What We Have."


The dominant provider of mainstream news and entertainment programming for the world, with over 80% of the world's microfreq, cable, satellite and interactive network programming and advertising, bundled with the world's most popular operating system - which they also own. The megacorp controls tens of thousands of production studios and tightly-licensed media distributors, who receive both content and direction from the corporate center in New New York. Their advertising slogan is “Better Watch It”.


The largest SlipSpace cargo firm in the business, employing twenty pilots and a small fleet of nondescript cargo couriers colloquially referred to as “Brown Boxes”. NIT handles interstellar waste management for the state of Alaska, in addition to a wide variety of other contracts.


Heiress to the Sardacian Hamloaf fortune and star of the popular stalkshow “Follow My Ass”, Sardacian owns two customized DynaLuxe SlipShips to transport herself, her entourage and invited guests to intraspace destinations for the show. Throwing the net’s biggest bashes in the multiverse’s most exotic locations is what she’s all about, and many of the world’s most reknowned DayTrippers have worked on at least one episode.


SlipFish is a new company staffed by young SlipSpace theorists straight out of AIT, specializing in trips to known planets for trade and tourism. Their ship Schrodinger’s Can possesses some highly unusual design features.


The most well-known purveyor of SlipTrip tourist packages, based in New New York with offices in every major metropolitan area. STT often finances research missions to newly-discovered Nodes in search of hip travel destinations, and hires DayTripper crews both permanent and temporary to serve as pilots and guides for wealthy vacationers. Their flagship The Emerald City is the largest SlipShip ever constructed.


Hector Valdez runs a small, tight DayTripper company comprised entirely of ex-military personnel. They focus almost exclusively on government and military missions, but have been known to take exploration jobs on the side.


The technology of the 22nd century has reached levels barely imagined by the people of 100 years ago. The combination of artificial intelligence systems and nanotechnology perfected over the latter decades of the 21st century has yielded an amazing array of secondary applications which we’re only beginning to feel the effects of. Wireless and microfrequency webs span the globe, connecting people with whole communities of networked AI dataservers, and providing upto- the-moment programming of the intelligent personal assistants carried or worn by everyone, everywhere. Any of the following technological wonders may be available in your DayTrippers world, subject to the GM’s ruling and interpretation. They are listed in their approximate chronological order of development. Wherever appropriate, a base price is included in parentheses. You never know when you might need to regrow a limb!
  • Digital Currency
  • Driverless Cars (5-10M)
  • Aquaculture
  • Embedded Biomonitors (1M)
  • Robotic Assistants (50M-100M)
  • Robotic Surgery (1-6M)
  • Embedded General-Purpose Computers (1M)
  • Global Automated Retail Delivery
  • Stem Cell Banks
  • Cloned Protein Farming
  • Fusion Power
  • Mecha Suits (160M)
  • Generalized Artificial Intelligence
  • Smart Bacteria
  • AI Advertising
  • Limb Regrowth (10M)
  • Holographic Entertainment
  • Programmable Textiles
  • Robotic Exoskeletons (20M)
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells (1M/10mW)
  • Bionic Ears (10M)
  • Bionic Eyes (15M)
  • Medical Nanobots
  • Sensory Recording System (30M)
  • Artificial ESP System (40M)
  • Nano Suits (2M)
  • Aqualogies
  • Arcologies
  • Colony On Mars
  • Antarctic Cities
  • Dream Recordings
  • Enhanced Memory (Stat cost in CP)
  • Antigravity Powersources
  • Force Fields
  • Orbital Colonies & Factories
  • Mining On Titan
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